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Noise masker


Noise maskers are devices used in hearing disorders like Tinnitus and others. They suppress the noise heard by the patient by adding natural or unnatural or artificial noise or sounds. The device tries to cover up and obscure the sounds heard by the person suffering from tinnitus by making him concentrate to the real sounds. Noise maskers do not actually eliminate or cure tinnitus, but the awareness and anxiety of the person towards the noises and sounds or ringing heard by him is reduced by the noise maskers.

The term masking in hearing aid therapies means a relief or help from the stress, anxiety and depression caused by disorders like hard on hearing and tinnitus. The maskers are devices developed to add natural or created and patterned sound or noise in ears of the patients suffering from Tinnitus with an aim to cover up the sound of ringing the patient is hearing. The masker is sometimes patterned according the patient’s individual choice and response for the type of sound or music. The maskers enable the patients to ignore the ringing of the ears and help them to get out of distress and concentrate elsewhere or fall asleep. If the tinnitus is associated with the hearing loss, the masker is fitted with the hearing aid devices. For person suffering from hearing loss as well ringing of the ear, combination of noise maskers and hearing aid devices are used.